We are an amazing story!
This is the place to learn about it!

The story starts with a dad and two Cardano curious teenagers.

Phillip Mobbs: Creator, founder, and driver of several businesses over 30 years.

Phillip recently sold his last technology company and was headed for retirement.

However he was inspired again! He saw four opportunities.

Power. The power of Cardano.
Experience. His capacity and experience to draw upon a network of professionals to build a team of technical experts.
Empowerment. Driven by his two teenage boys facing a post COVID world and an overarching belief that building businesses and creating your own destiny are essential skills to learn.
Charity. The family had been observing people increasingly suffer in these COVID times and wanted to create an income stream from which a percentage could be donated to charity. (Below)

Join us to benefit from our PEEC expertise to bring you a solid return on stake and contribute to a better planet!

To deliver excellence and enable employment of the best team possible, distinct businesses entities for each Stake Pool were created.

Each separate business (Stake Pool) could access a qualified server administrator overseen by an external IT consultancy firm. (Below)

Cardano Staking Pool

Cardano Staking Pool
Ticker: THRIVe
https: //cardanostakingpool.com/
Stakepool Operator: Phillip Mobbs. Experienced business person. Serial entrepreneur. Enthusiastic to be working with a dedicated team of server admin professionals plus assist launch his own family members separate businesses. Enthralled with the potential of Cardano.

Stake Pool Ninja!

Ticker: NINJA
https ://stakepool.ninja/
Stakepool Operator: Jorell Mobbs. 16 years of age. Enjoys Linux, Amazon Web Services server administration. Passionate about Cardano. Guitarist, basketball and incredible composer of electronic dance music.
"My goal is to create a reliable long term NINJA business that is in perfect operating running condition. I will build this business, over the long term, to create return on stake for those who entrust to delegate to NINJA. I also plan to generate a profit to create a living - as a young person starting out in the world. NINJA has excellent hardware and server administration support to ensure NINJA delivers a reliable stake pool!"


Ticker: NECTR
https ://nectr.one/
Stakepool Operator: Declan Mobbs. Age 18. Commencing first year of a Bachelor Information Technology studies. Brilliant guitarist!
"I have done a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to the build and constant server updates. I really have a good hold on how to manage a stake pool and how to analyze its performance and maintain its reliability. To me, this is a serious business, as I plan for it to help fund me through university and beyond. I have access to highly experienced server administration consultants and really look forward to growing this stake pool to ensure your constant return on stake.
Join me over the long term to generate solid, secure ROI. Join NECTR."

Colorado Mint

Ticker: MINT
https ://coloradomint.io

Responsible leader: Phillip Mobbs.

"This is the Stake Pool where I call out to like-minded people across the globe to not only financially benefit from Cardano, but to embrace its potential to make the world financial system better. This is the place for block chain philosophers and agents for change. Rest assured this stake pool is managed to the highest quality standards . Always sunny, always Colorado, always minting you returns.
https: //wolk.com.au/
Each individual stake pool has separately partnered with Wolk Technology as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Well-Architected certified consultancy to evaluate each system architecture and implement designs that scale with our independent stake pools over time. Based on five pillars — operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization – each independent stake pool used Wolk to build a secure, high-performing, resilient and efficient infrastructure. WOLK also provide our multiple core and relay servers with managed monitoring - in addition to our Grafana based monitoring - to ensure our stake pools are in optimal condition to produce blocks and win rewards for you.


Thusika - Our Senior Systems Engineer!
We are so fortunate to have a man who lives in our city near our home with such extensive experience and qualifications. This is the man who has assisted each independent stake pool build, update and monitor each pool - plus train or support as needed each team member.
Holding a Masters of Information technology from Swinburne University in Melbourne (Australia) and having held senior systems roles from the London Stock Exchange to the Hatton Bank, Thusika is a very hard-working, polite and professional manager of each pools server infrastructure.
Each independent stake pool is supported by the exceptionally capable hands of Thusika, ensuring you reliable return on stake.

The incredible explosion in Beirut has called us to action!

We cant forget waking up that morning to see the incredible vision of a city exploding, leaving 250 000 people homeless during a pandemic and economic crisis. This disaster was a call to action. When you delegate your stake to us, know that a percentage of our profits go to this cause.

We know these people and the important work they do for very poor children.

On and off over the years our family has worked in poverty stricken schools in South East Asia. On one occasion whilst we were sight seeing at the famous temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, we journeyed to visit Feeding Dreams Cambodia. Since that time we have kept an eye on their work and donated to this important cause.
Due to COVID 19, the tourism industry that feeds the population has basically stopped. The majority of restaurants and hotels have closed. Consequently, poverty has struck the town more severely than the virus. We are greatly concerned about the children in this community.
Be aware that when you delegate to us, a percentage of our profit will go to this cause.


Email: support @ cardano staking pool . com (Remove spaces) or use Messenger button in Facebook. (Search Cardano Staking Pool) m.me/cardanostakingpool (N.B. Australian Eastern Standard Time)

PS: Love to talk to you!