THRIV Stake Pool is managed by an Australian team with technical expertise in running high quality DELL R6515 servers. We fell in love with the Cardano project in 2020 and launched day one of Mainnet. We are dedicated to making blocks and providing return on investment to those who delegate to us. WELCOME!

Our Value Propositions.

Our PLEDGE to you

Stake Pools are more attractive the more Pledge they have.
Pledge is "how much ADA skin in the game" we put into to secure Cardano.
We currently have in excess of 950 000 ADA to ensure your delegation success.
Stake Pools make you more rewards the more blocks they produce! Check out our demonstrated track record of block production below.

Ticker: THRIV

Quality Server Hardware

We have new powerful servers! We run new powerful bare metal Dell PowerEdge R6515 servers running 32 x 6 (192 GB RAM) plus AMD 2.65GHz chip, 128M Cache (180W) DDR4-3200. This ensures you get super high speed block production!

Ticker: THRIV

Low Fees

Cost per epoch is 340 ADA. This is the minimum allowable fee and is designed to enable us to consistently maintain the pool in a highly attractive state for block production - and therefore make you more ADA.

Ticker: THRIV

Experienced Team

Stake Pools are more profitable for you when they consistently produce blocks; they need to work all the time.

We are an Australian based team, with a university qualified Systems Engineer with 15 years' experience in the technology sector. We have technical expertise and are dedicated to maintaining a reliable income for you.

Ticker: THRIV

We love Cardano!

We believe in the philosophy of Cardano, the strict methodology of its research, design and technical implementation. We are proud to support this initiative. Profitably join us to secure the Cardano network.
Ticker: THRIV

3.9% Pool Margin

The Cardano stake pool algorithm pays you a return on stake according to competing parameters. (Formula above!) Our attractiveness to you is determined by our pledge, (950 000 ADA) quality of team, (University qualified with 15 years' experience) reliability of hardware, (new Dell PowerEdge R6515 servers) cost per epoch, (340 ADA) amount of delegation and our pool margin. (3.9%) Simply put, the lower the pool margin does not necessarily mean the stake pool is more profitable for you. It is all the above factors. Delegate to us and watch your wealth securely grow.
Ticker. THRIV.

Consistently delivering Return on Stake

We are dedicated to providing reliable hardware infrastructure to securely support the Cardano project and consistently provide return on stake to those who delegate with us.

Ticker: THRIV

Happy to talk to you! Use the Telegram button below.